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Established in 2010, HSPF is a non-profit organization registered both in the United States and Nepal. HSPF is dedicated to promoting and enabling educational opportunities for the most vulnerable children in Nepal with our initial efforts based at Ugratara School in Ghumarchowk.

The Hem Sarita Pathak Foundation surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. HSPF provides integrated services to the most vulnerable students inside the public school setting, where they are accessible, coordinated and accountable.

In 2016, HSPF will initiate a campus-based program called Education Empowers through which HSPF will implement special projects by creating a network of volunteers, social services, businesses, and community resources that will work together to break down barriers and help students at Ugratara succeed. Education Empowers will bring local resources inside Ugratara school, where they are accessible, coordinated, accountable and will address the needs of students who come from poverty and have many unique challenges outside school.

Education Empowers is a drop-out prevention model through which the following services will be provided students identified as at-risk by school staff and parents:

  • Basic Needs: A student cannot focus in the classroom if he or she is hungry, cold or tired,or cannot see the board. Through Education Empowers, HSPF will see to it that students’ basic needs are met on a daily basis.
  • Enrichment: HSPF will enroll students in a wide variety of after school and summer programs, field trips and youth conferences to help them gain experience essential to meeting college and career goals.
  • Academic Assistance: HSPF will work hard to ensure that students have the resources to progress academically. From providing students with tutors, to finding and creating quiet spaces where students can study, HSPF will do whatever it takes to create an optimal learning environment for students.
  • Family Engagement: Through Education Empowers, HSPF will work to create an environment to foster parent involvement in their children’s education by hosting parent teacher meetings and also by hosting a parent’s day event where students will showcase their talent.
  • Goal Setting and Life Skills: Through one-on-one workshops, team building and guest speakers, HSPF will work with students to develop social emotional learning, character education, social skills building and conflict resolution.
  • Emergency assistance: HSPF will provide additional support to students and their families who were greatly affected by the earthquake. The site coordinator will conduct assessment and provide services accordingly.

Join us to empower the youth of Nepal by making education opportunities available. Please consider making a monthly contribution by clicking here.

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